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Microsoft Bing Chat Gains Mobile/Desktop Workflow and Contextual Chat for Edge

Microsoft is rolling out a bunch of new tools for Bing Chat on mobile, including desktop linking, a widget, and Contextual chat for Edge.


's is getting a lot of new features and improvements for mobile users, as the company continues to build its chatbot. Bing Chat, which was launched in February and received OpenAI's GPT-4 integration in March, is gaining features quickly as Microsoft expands the functionality of the tool.

These new features are rolling out gradually to all users within the next week. Microsoft says it has seen an eightfold increase in daily downloads of the Bing app since the introduction of Bing Chat. The company also promises more updates and enhancements for Bing Chat in the future.

Bing Chat is a feature of Bing that allows you to have a conversational and contextual interaction with the search engine. You can ask Bing Chat complex questions, find comprehensive answers, get summarized information, and find inspiration to build upon.

Bing Chat uses a proprietary natural language generation system built from Microsoft Graph, GPT-4 from OpenAI, and Microsoft's own models to provide relevant and engaging responses. For the new mobile-centric update, Microsoft says it is making Bing Chat more integrated across platforms.

New Features For Bing Chat Mobile Users

  • Continuity between mobile and desktop: Users can now start a Bing Chat conversation on their PC and resume it on their mobile device, or vice versa. This can be useful for scenarios like creating a recipe on a PC and then asking for a substitute ingredient on the mobile app when shopping.
  • Contextual chat in Edge mobile: Similar to the desktop version of Edge, the mobile browser now supports contextual chat that can read a website's content and answer related questions. Users can also ask Bing Chat to summarize an article or document they are reading or highlight a text and ask Bing to explain or summarize it.
  • Compose and Translator in SwiftKey: The SwiftKey keyboard app, which is powered by Bing and has a Bing Chat integrate, now has a new Compose feature that lets users ask Bing to write a message for them based on a short prompt. Users can also choose the message's tone, format, and length. Additionally, SwiftKey now has a Translator feature that lets users translate their messages into different languages using Bing.
  • Widget: Microsoft is also adding a new Bing widget to its Widget platform. The widget will allow users to access Bing search results directly from their home screen. The widget will also include a number of new features, such as the ability to see search results in a list and the ability to save search results for later.
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