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Microsoft Finally Adds History to Bing Chat, along with Knowledge Cards

Bing Chat history appears in Recent Activity and allows users to share or delete previous chats with the AI search engine.


One of the biggest features that was missing from is now available. says it has added history to the AI search chatbot, and it was no surprise that it was one of the most requested features. Since the introduction of Bing Chat in February, Microsoft has been taking user feedback on board as part of its approach to improving the AI.

The chat history feature lets users access their previous conversations with Bing and save them for future reference. The history appears in a new Recent Activity section, which sits on the right side of the chat window with the main area for prompts and responses narrower than before.

Recent Activity in Bing Chat displays six recent chats but users can click “see all recent chats” to expand the section to see all their history with the chatbot. It is also possible to click on an individual chat and delete it if you want by clicking the red X button. Users can also download their chat history as a .txt file or in markdown format.

In addition to these updates, Microsoft has also introduced knowledge cards in Bing Chat. Knowledge cards are interactive snippets that provide relevant information about a topic or entity. For example, if a user asks Bing about a movie, a book, or a person, Bing will show a knowledge card with details such as ratings, reviews, genres, plot summaries, biographies, etc. Users can also click on the links in the knowledge cards to explore more information on the web.

Microsoft releasing Chat History on Bing. I just logged into Bing and I already have Chat History. It took a while, but it's here.
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Possible Update Schedule Could Bring Three Model Updates to Bing Chat Per Year

These updates are part of Microsoft's efforts to make Bing Chat more useful and enjoyable for users. Microsoft hopes that by adding these features, Bing Chat will become a more reliable and friendly companion for users who want to learn new things, discover new content, and have fun on the web.

Microsoft's chief technology officer for Microsoft AI Platform, Mikhail Parakhin, recently shared some insights about the development and future plans of Bing AI Chat. Parakhin has become the unofficial public spokesperson for Bing AI Chat in the months since Microsoft launched the GPT-4-powered chatbot. He now says Microsoft could issue model updates to Bing AI Chat three times per year.

Microsoft's Prometheus project led to the creation of Bing AI Chat which uses GPT-4 as the main model with some additional components from Microsoft to integrate it into the search engine. GPT-4 and DALL-E are two of the latest models developed by . Introduced in February, Bing AI Chat has been a driving force – alongside other applications of GPT-4 – in the mainstreaming of AI large language models (LLMs).

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