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Windows 11 File Explorer Gallery View May Allow Users to Add Photos from Mobile

Microsoft’s new Gallery feature for File Explorer on Windows 11 could allow users to send images directly from their mobile device.


has plenty of changes on the horizon for the , the platform's default app for managing and browsing files and folders. One feature is Gallery View, which will provide a new way for finding photos on a PC.

File Explorer has already received a new tabs feature that lets you open multiple locations in one window, and a new design based on the Windows App SDK that gives it a modern look and feel. The Windows 11 File Explorer Gallery feature was first spotted in February, and we are now learning that it will allow users to upload photos directly from their phone.

Microsoft watcher @XenoPanther found the ability hidden in the Gallery feature and posted an image to show an “Add phone photos” option. This seems to mean that users will be able to send photos from their mobile devices directly to Windows 11. Perhaps this will involve Microsoft's Phone Link app, but that is unclear at the moment.

The button on the Gallery is currently not functioning, so that suggests Microsoft has only recently started developing the feature.

Changing the Way You See Photos in File Explorer

File Explorer can already display images in the “Pictures” folder mainly, but also in any other folder. Currently, these are displayed as icons or thumbnails. It seems the new feature will be much more like a proper gallery, showing larger images instead of just small thumbnails.  

It will also offer more functionality, such as being able to sort through images in a timeline. It will also allow users to customize which photos they see. It also has a search function, but it does not seem to be an image search.

The Gallery view is currently hidden in Windows 11 Insider builds 25300 and above, but you can enable it manually using third-party tools. Or, simply wait for Microsoft to make it public for Insiders before a wider launch of the feature later this year.

Another upcoming Windows 11 File Explorer feature is the recommendations addition that I reported on last month is also included. It is unclear what this feature will be. It could either be a folder recommendation component or a way for Microsoft to advertise other services within File Explorer.

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Last Updated on May 25, 2023 10:53 am CEST

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