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US Announces Measures to Prevent AI Arms Race; Focuses on Responsible and Ethical AI Development

The measures include a $140 million investment in seven new National AI Research Institutes,


The has announced new actions to address the risks associated with the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and foster responsible innovation. These measures include a $140 million investment in seven new National Institutes, which are tasked with pursuing AI advances that are “ethical, trustworthy, responsible, and serve the public good.” This announcement coincides with Vice President Kamala Harris's meeting with CEOs from leading AI companies, including ChatGPT, Google, and Microsoft.

The White House emphasized that firms developing AI technologies have a “fundamental responsibility to make sure their products are safe before they are deployed or made public,” highlighting the potential risks associated with unchecked . These risks include job losses, increased fraud, and infringement of data privacy.

Public Assessments of Generative AI Systems at DEFCON 31

As part of the government's efforts to ensure responsible AI development, leading AI developers have agreed to participate in public evaluations of their systems at this year's DEFCON 31 cybersecurity conference. Companies participating in this initiative include , developer of ChatGPT, , , and British firm Stability AI, creator of the image generation tool Stable Diffusion.

In an official statement from the White House, it was noted that, “This independent exercise will provide critical information to researchers and the public about the impacts of these models.” The public evaluations will serve as an essential step in ensuring AI models adhere to the principles outlined in the Biden-Harris Administration's Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights and AI Risk Management Framework.

Draft Guidance on AI Use by the US Government

The President's Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is set to release draft guidance on AI use by the US government, which will establish specific policies for federal departments and agencies to follow. The guidance aims to ensure that the development, procurement, and use of AI systems prioritize safeguarding the American people's rights and safety while empowering agencies to leverage AI responsibly to advance their missions.

The OMB plans to release the draft guidance for public comment this summer, seeking input from advocates, civil society, industry, and other stakeholders before finalizing it. This move demonstrates the US government's commitment to leading by example in mitigating AI risks and harnessing AI opportunities.

Last October, the White House published a blueprint for an “AI bill of rights” that called for protection from “unsafe or ineffective systems,” including pre-launch testing and regular monitoring, as well as protection from abusive data practices such as “unchecked .” The UK's competition regulator also expressed concerns about AI development this week, opening a review into models that underpin products like ChatGPT and Google's rival chatbot, Bard.

These new actions by the Biden-Harris administration signal a continued commitment to fostering responsible innovation in AI, addressing potential risks, and protecting the interests of the American public.

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