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Digital Artist Uses ChatGPT to Create $30M Meme Coin

The idea was born out of his frustration with the stagnating crypto art space.


Digital artist Rhett Dashwood, known as Mankind, has created a meme called $TURBO with the help of . Despite having no coding experience, Mankind's project achieved a peaking market cap of $50 million and a 24-hour trading volume of over $26 million.

The idea was born out of Mankind's frustration with the stagnating crypto art space. He turned to ChatGPT for help, giving it a budget of $69 and asking it to create the “next great meme coin.” Through numerous interactions with the AI and his Twitter followers, Mankind developed the concept, mascot, and name for the project: TurboToad. With further assistance from ChatGPT, he managed to write the code for the project, though he initially encountered difficulties due to the AI's data limitations.

Initial Problems Caused by Bots

As Mankind progressed with the experiment, he faced a significant challenge when the initial launch of TurboToad failed due to bots manipulating the liquidity pool. In the context of the crypto space, a liquidity pool is a reserve of cryptocurrencies or tokens locked in smart contracts to provide liquidity. Liquidity pools are essential for the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem because they make trading easier, faster, and more convenient.

Unable to add more liquidity, he sought advice from his community. Following their suggestions, he crowdfunded the project and rebranded it as Turbo ($TURBO). The total supply of tokens was set at 69 billion, with 60 billion reserved for the community.

As the project gained attention, Mankind handed over decision-making to his growing community, which took $TURBO in new directions. The meme coin's prospects soared when Web3 collector Pranksy created a V3 liquidity pool, addressing the liquidity issue the community had previously encountered.

Pranksy is a personal ambassador, collector of Web3 and NFTs since December 2017, and founder of NFTBoxes.io. The 30-year-old game developer from the UK is considered one of the most influential figures in the NFT market. Within 48 hours of the relaunch, $TURBO reached a $1 million market cap, far exceeding Mankind's expectations. As of today, $TURBO currently has a market cap of $30 million.

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