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New One Outlook for Windows Gets .ics Classic Calendar Style

On the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, Microsoft is discussing a new .ics classic calendar for the new One Outlook on Windows.


Microsoft is working on a new version of Outlook for Windows that will bring a fresh design and new features to the popular email and calendar app. The new Outlook for Windows is currently in preview for select Microsoft 365 customers, and it is expected to roll out to more users in the coming months. This One Outlook experience is now bringing a big change as well as a classic style calendar option.

One of the most noticeable changes in the new Outlook for Windows is the revamped calendar interface, which will offer a classic style option that resembles the old Outlook. This option will allow users to see more details of their events and appointments at a glance, without having to switch between different views or panes.

The classic calendar style will also support .ics files, which are commonly used to share calendar events across different platforms and apps. Users will be able to open .ics files directly in the new Outlook for Windows and add them to their existing calendars with ease.

Changing the Windows Outlook Experience

The feature ID for this change is 128028 and Microsoft is scheduling the feature to launch by October. Of course, this could change as development continues. The native UWP Mail app will eventually be fully replaced by the One Outlook.

This feature is currently labelled in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap:

“Outlook: New Outlook for Windows – ICS support

ICS is a file format that holds event and calendar information and enables users to share that information through email. With full ICS support in the new Outlook for Windows, users will be able to view local ICS files and import them to their calendar. This mimics the experience currently available in classic Outlook for Windows.”

Outlook for Windows is essentially a progressive web app (PWA) and is not the One Outlook app. It’s confusing but Microsoft is basically preparing for the full switch to One Outlook, which remains in preview.

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