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Microsoft Teams Adds Payment App to Help Small Businesses Charge for Content

Payments is a new app in Microsoft Teams that allows users who offer services to charge for them directly in the Teams ecosystem.


The Teams feature train keeps on rolling. Not a day goes by without a new tool arriving on the popular communication and collaboration tool. That is not an exaggeration, with Microsoft debuting more than one feature per day since mid-2021. The latest tool is a new Payments app that is integrated in Teams.

Microsoft says the app is currently available in business and is currently in preview in US and Canada.

The Payments app is designed to help small businesses such as lawyers, financial advisors, instructors, tutors, and others who offer online services to easily request and receive payments from their clients. Microsoft is leveraging partners such as PayPal, GoDaddy, and Stripe to unlock payment options like debit cards, credit cards, and digital wallets.

You may remember I first reported on Microsoft integrating payments into Teams last September. At the time, Microsoft described the integration on the Roadmap:

“Grow your business by getting paid for appointments, classes, or events you host on Teams. Once you connect a third-party service to receive payments, you'll be able to request payment right during a Teams meeting—and have customers pay you in just a few clicks.”

How Do Microsoft Teams Payments Work?

The Payments app works by generating a payment request inside a Teams meeting, which the customer can pay at any point during the meeting. The app also tracks the payments received and outstanding, and provides a summary view of the transactions. The app can be used for both one-on-one sessions and webinars, opening up new possibilities for small businesses to monetize their online offerings.

The Payments app is available in public preview in the Teams Store for Teams Essentials and Microsoft 365 business subscribers. Stripe and PayPal integrations are both available today within the app; GoDaddy Payments is coming soon. To install and configure the Payment app within Teams, users can visit Microsoft's business AppSource store.

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