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Spotify on Windows 11 Is Completely Broken and Has Been for Months

Spotify on Windows 11 has not been working since February and Microsoft ignoring the problem could mean the integration is discontinued.


It seems the app that is integrated directly into is not working. Worse, it has not been functioning since February and it seems an update to the native Windows Clock app is the cause.

Users who try to connect their Spotify account to the Focus Sessions feature are greeted with an error message that says “Something went wrong. Please try again later.” The error persists even after reinstalling the app, resetting the PC, or switching accounts.

Focus Sessions are built into the Windows 11 Alarms and Clock application. The tool allow users to focus on productivity and get work done without any distractions. By setting a task and how much time to dedicate to it, the Focus Session is set up.

The issue has been reported by many users on various forums and feedback channels, but has not acknowledged or fixed it yet. Some users have suggested that the problem might be related to the Spotify API or the Windows 11 system, but no official confirmation or solution has been provided.

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world, with over 400 million monthly active users and over 70 million songs and podcasts. The integration with Windows 11 was supposed to be a flagship feature that showcased Microsoft's partnership with Spotify and its commitment to enhancing the user experience.

Microsoft is Not Issuing a Fix

Considering this issue has been lingering for months, it is unclear what Microsoft is planning in terms of a fix. The company is not confirming the problem and is not committing to ever fixing it. Is this about to be another forgotten service from Microsoft?

Unlikely considering Microsoft made such a big deal of the integration. In fact, Windows chief Panos Panay described it as a “game changer”. Still, hopefully the company will deliver a fix and not discontinue the feature.

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