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Microsoft Developing Arm Chips for Windows 12 to Compete with Apple

Microsoft is looking for new employees that will help drive its Arm computing ambitions for Windows 12, including an in-house chip.


is gearing up to challenge 's M-series chips with its own custom ARM processors and operating system. According to recent job postings, the tech giant is hiring engineers with expertise in designing and developing high-performance, low-power SoCs for client devices.

already exists, while Microsoft also has variants of Surface devices running proprietary ARM chips. However, it still feels like the company has not been serious about committing to Arm. Certainly, when Apple arrived in the Arm processing business with its M1 and then M2 chips, the company showed how impressive ARM computing can be.

Apple has been leading the industry with its M1 and M2 chips, which offer impressive performance and efficiency gains over -based Macs.

Microsoft, however, is not willing to concede the market to Apple without a fight. But Microsoft's ambitions go beyond using existing ARM chips from other vendors. The company wants to create its own custom silicon that can rival Apple's M-series chips in terms of performance and efficiency. 

To achieve this goal, Microsoft is hiring engineers for its Silicon Team, which is responsible for developing silicon components for various products, including Azure, Xbox, Surface, and HoloLens.

One of the job listings reveals that Microsoft is looking for a Principal SoC Silicon Architect who will be responsible for building complex, state-of-the-art SoCs using leading silicon technology nodes. Another listing seeks a Senior Silicon Power Integrity CAD Manager who will oversee the power integrity analysis and optimization of Microsoft's SoCs.

How Arm Computing Could Influence Windows 12

Microsoft will likely keep its Arm push for the launch of Windows 12, which will likely happen at the end of 2024. It is widely believed Microsoft wants Windows 12 to optimize seamlessly across software and hardware experiences. Arm is perhaps the best silicon platform to allow that to happen.

We have seen Microsoft bring Cloud PC to the Windows 11 Canary Channel, thought to be a core component of Windows 12. We have also seen potential system requirements for the upcoming OS. Now, reports suggest Microsoft is working on a “CorePC” mode for a modular Widows 12.

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