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Reddit Challenges Discord with Chat-Channels for Subreddits

Reddit claims that chat channels will allow for more interaction and engagement among subreddit members.


, the popular social network and discussion platform, has announced a new feature for its subreddits: chat channels. Reddit Chat channels are permanent spaces within a subreddit where members can chat with each other in real-time, like on or Telegram.

The new Reddit chat channels are currently in a pilot program with 25 volunteer subreddits, totaling less than 100,000 users. Reddit says it is testing the feature with small communities and mod tools to make it better. Mods can control who can join the chat channels, from anyone to trusted members only. They can also block responses, pin messages, and chat in a private channel.

Reddit Chat Channels for More Engagement

Reddit claims that chat channels will allow for more interaction and engagement among subreddit members and more opportunities for feedback and support. The company says it is building chat channels with space for additional updates, depending on the testing results. Potential features include automod rules, slow mode, and custom channel roles.

The chat channels feature is part of Reddit's ongoing efforts to improve its user experience and community building. The company also announced a new subreddit header that shrinks the space between the header and posts, makes the search bar into one button, and shows tabs like “menu” and “about” by clicking anywhere across the header. Reddit says these updates increased community subscriptions and actions in tests.

Reddit users who are interested in trying out chat channels can check if their favorite subreddits are part of the pilot program or sign up for a waiting list to join. Reddit says it will share more details and feedback on chat channels as the testing progresses.

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