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Microsoft Confirms Windows 11/10 Local Login Issues Followng April Patch Tuesday

Microsoft says it is aware of a Windows 11 and 10 bug caused by Patch Tuesday KB5026964 that stops users logging in locally.


has confirmed that there is a bug that prevents some users from logging in to their local accounts on and . This issue appears after installing the latest April 2023 update. According to the company, there is a fix coming that is currently in development and will be available in an upcoming .  

Since the release of Patch Tuesday updates earlier this month, some users reported that they were unable to log in to their local accounts after installing the update. They received an error message saying “The password is incorrect. Try again.” or “The username or password is incorrect.” even though they entered the correct credentials.

Microsoft is tracking the issue, which is associated with update (KB5026964). The company has confirmed the issue on its support page and offered some workarounds for affected users:


A notice is displayed that informs users about the transfer of data outside after installing a Windows 10 or Windows 11 update that is dated on or after March 21, 2023.”

“We are aware that the notice is shown to users who log on to a device that is running Enterprise or Education versions of Windows 10 or Windows 11 by using a local user account. If an Enterprise wants to suppress this notice, implement the following workaround.

  1. Before you apply a Windows update dated on or after March 21, 2023, create the following registry entry on the Windows 10 or Windows 11 device for each local account.

Registry location


Value name


Data type


Data value


  1. Then apply the applicable Windows updates dated on or after March 21, 2023 and then restart the device.”

April 2023 Patch Tuesday Issues

April 2023 Patch Tuesday, which was released earlier this week, brought new features to Windows. However, it also brought problems, including in Secure Boot DBX.

Microsoft has reportedly pushed a security update for Secure Boot DBX that may cause some devices to fail to boot or enter a recovery mode. The update, KB5012170, was first released in December 2021 and then pulled back after users reported issues. However, some users have recently received the update again via Windows Update and encountered the same problems.

You may remember last August there were issues with Secure Boot DBX in BitLocker. The issue came from the broken Secure Boot DBX (KB5012170), which users were unable to install because of a recent bug.

The KB5012170 update adds modules to the DBX that are associated with a security feature bypass vulnerability in GRUB, a common boot loader for Linux systems. The vulnerability, dubbed BootHole, was disclosed in July 2020 and affects devices that trust the Microsoft third-party UEFI Certificate Authority (CA) in their Secure Boot configuration.

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