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Minecraft 1.19.80 Bedrock Edition Brings Fixes Galore

Minecraft 1.19.80 (Bedrock) brings multiple fixes to the Bedrock Edition while also adding some new experimental features.


is available in two editions: Java and Bedrock. While Java Edition is the classic version of the game that runs on Windows and other desktop platforms, Bedrock Edition is more modern and works on Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and iOS. It brings perks like the Minecraft Marketplace, Character Creator, and Cross-Play.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition can also be buggy, which means needs to issue fixes sometimes. That's why the developers of Minecraft release patch updates to improve the game's performance and stability.

The latest patch rollout is Minecraft 1.19.80 (Bedrock), which developer Mojang describes as a “quality of life” update that comes with the following changes:

  • “Fixed multiple crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Added settings to adjust item enchantment glint strength and speed
  • Take an early look at cherry blossom trees, armor trims, and more with experimental features
  • Fixes to over 40 community-reported issues”

The patch update is expected to improve the game's performance and stability, as well as fix some of the most common and annoying bugs that players have encountered. However, it is possible that some issues may still persist or new ones may arise after the update. Therefore, players are encouraged to report any problems they find to the developers through the official feedback site or bug tracker2.

New Experimental Features Included

You may have noticed experimental features are bundled into Minecraft 1.19.80 (Bedrock). Those new features are:

“Player Sneaking

  • The ability to sneak under 1.5 block gaps is now behind the “Short Sneak” toggle. Enable the toggle to continue to test out the feature while we continue polishing it
  • Player's hitbox height now reduces to 1.5 blocks while sneaking
    • Sneaking will automatically be initiated while stuck in a gap of less than 1.8 blocks
    • Sneaking will lower the player camera height respective of these changes
    • Sneaking now requires enough space to stand in order to exit sneaking state
    • Players will transition from swimming to sneaking if they are unable to stand up but would be able to sneak

Cherry Grove

  • Introducing the Cherry Grove biome, with pretty Cherry Blossom trees. You can find it in the mountains, like Meadows
  • It has a new flower, Pink Petals, as ground cover, which can be crafted into Pink Dye
  • Pigs, Rabbits, Sheep, and Bees spawn there
  • Comes with a new wood set for the Cherry Blossom trees


  • Added the Trail Ruins, a buried structure from a lost culture
  • Added Suspicious Gravel block, which has the same characteristics as Suspicious Sand
  • Added Suspicious Sand to Warm Ocean Ruins
  • Added Suspicious Gravel to Cold Ocean Ruins
  • Added 16 new Pottery Shards (Now 20 Pottery Shards in total)
    • These have been distributed between the five Archaeology sites: Desert Wells, Desert Temples, Cold Ocean Ruins, Warm Ocean Ruins, and Trail Ruins”

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