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Microsoft Edge to Allow Users to Remove Features and Choose the Tools They Want

Microsoft Edge Canary builds are now testing a tool that allows users to hide browser features like Collections, Web Capture, and Shopping.


is a web browser first and an everything else second. has been throwing features at the browser for years and there is no doubt some of the tools stray far away from necessary for a browser. There are plenty of awesome features for sure, but some users may not want some of the tools bundled with Edge.

That's why Microsoft is working on a new option that will let users remove some of these unnecessary features from the browser's interface.

According to Leopeva64 on Twitter, Microsoft is testing a new flag in Edge Canary that will allow users to hide certain features from the toolbar and the ellipsis menu. The flag is called “Enable feature deprecation” and it can be accessed by typing edge://flags in the address bar. Once enabled, users can go to Settings > Appearance and toggle off the features they don't want to see.

Which Feature Can be Hidden?

Not all Microsoft Features – and there are a lot of them – can be managed by this tool, but here are the ones that can:

  • Collections: Collections can help users organize and share to help keep track easier.
  • Reading List: A feature that lets users save web pages for later reading, similar to bookmarks but with a preview of the page content.
  • Shopping: Clicking the Shopping icon moves users to a new page that shows curated products and deals available.
  • Web Capture: A built-in screen capture tool.
  • Sidebar Search: A feature that lets users search the web without leaving the current tab by selecting text and clicking on the sidebar icon.

By hiding these features, users can customize their browser experience and reduce clutter on the toolbar and the menu. However, this option is not available for all features, such as Immersive Reader, Read Aloud, or PDF Reader. These features are considered essential for accessibility and learning purposes.

The new option is currently only available in Edge Canary, which is an experimental version of the browser that receives daily updates. Microsoft has not said when the tool will come to other preview branches or when it will become widely available to all users.

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