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Third-Party App Handles Windows LAPS and Legacy LAPS Passwords to Avoid Ongoing Issue

While Microsoft works on a fix to resolve interoperability issues between Legacy and Windows LAPS, a new tool is offering an alternative.


Earlier this month, rolled out the new Windows LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution), separating it from the current Download Center LAPS, which is now known as Legacy LAPS. However, the switch caused issues with interoperability between the two services. Microsoft says a fix is coming, but for now, a third-party GUI app is promising to cover users.

This new app known as “Simple LAPS GUI” is an unofficial solution which allows password quierying and other LAPS-associated tasks. According to the description, it runs smoothly on both Windows LAPS and Legacy LAPS:

“A simple and fast GUI for Microsoft LAPS (legacy) and Windows LAPS. With this tool you can query and change the expiration timestamp.”

You can get version 1.0 of Simple LAPS GUI on GitHub here, with the following features out of the box:

  • “Simple and fast: Run the executable, type the computer name and press the ENTER key.
  • Supports Microsoft LAPS (legacy) and Windows LAPS on Active Directory environments.
  • Read current password, current expiration timestamp and password history (Windows LAPS only) from the Computer objects in your local Active Directory.
  • Copy the passwords (current and history) using the context menu.
  • Change the expiration timestamp.
  • Close the window by pressing the ESCAPE key.”

To run the tool, your system will need to be running PowerShell 5.1, Windows LAPS PowerShell module, Optional timestamp changing of Legacy LAPS passwords, and Legacy LAPS PowerShell Module. According to the developer, you will also need an Active Directory joined machine because the tool doesn't currently directly support Azure AD.

Windows LAPS and Legacy Problems

You may already know about LAPS because it has been a part of the Microsoft Download Center for years. That legacy version is “used to manage the password of a specified local administrator account by regularly rotating the password and backing it up to Active Directory (AD). LAPS has proven itself to be an essential and robust building block for AD enterprise security on premises.”

Windows LAPS provides a new experience, offering the same toolset but also new benefits. It is worth noting that Microsoft says the original LAPS will remain in the Download Center and will be known as Legacy LAPS.

Microsoft has confirmed that there are some interoperability issues with Legacy LAPS that can break both the new and the old features.

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