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ChatGPT Will Be Discussed at the Upcoming G7 Meeting Says Japan’s Prime Minister

Political leaders of the G7 nations will discuss ethical AI development amid the rise of models like ChatGPT and Bing Chat.


In recent weeks, there has been a slight pushback against AI models such as 's and 's Bing Chat, both of which use the GPT-4 . We have seen political concern and even concern from within the tech industry about the ongoing development of AI. Now, it seems the subject of ChatGPT will reach the highest political collective.

Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said on Tuesday that he will raise the issue of ChatGPT at the upcoming G7 summit in Hiroshima in May, according to Kyodo news agency.

ChatGPT was developed by OpenAI. It is a deep learning system that can generate coherent and fluent texts on almost any topic, given a few words or sentences as input. The tool has attracted a lot of attention and investment from various industries and companies, such as Microsoft, which has poured $10 billion into OpenAI.

Microsoft has fully embraced the GPT-4 AI engine that underpins ChatGPT. The Redmond company has folded the AI into many services with products such as Bing Chat, Bing Image Creator, Microsoft Edge , Microsoft 365 Copilot for Office apps, Azure OpenAI Service, and GitHub Copilot.

Kishida says that he wants to discuss the technology with other G7 members. The goal is to explore ethical and responsible development and use of AI. He said that Japan, as a country with advanced AI research and development, has a responsibility to contribute to the global governance of AI.

Growing Concern About AI Development is Progressing

Kishida's remarks come amid growing concerns about the impact of ChatGPT on society and democracy.

The Italian Data Protection Authority has ordered OpenAI to stop providing the chatbot in the country. Germany is also reportedly considering banning ChatGPT and it is likely other countries will follow suit.

In the US, the Treasury Department last week called for AI models to require certification before they can launch in the country.

“It is amazing to see what these tools can do even in their relative infancy,” says Alan Davidson, head of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the Commerce Department agency that sent the request. “We know that we need to put some guardrails in place to make sure that they are being used responsibly.” 

Perhaps the most startling admission of the risks of AI came from CEO Sundar Pichai this week. While the company is a rival to OpenAI and Microsoft with its Bard chatbot and other AI products, Pichai says AI can be “very harmful” if deployed wrongly. He is calling for regulations and likens current to the nuclear arms race.

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