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Azure Virtual Desktop Is Now Available on the Microsoft Store

Microsoft says Azure Virtual Desktop is now available as an app on the Microsoft Store for Windows 11 and Windows 10.


has announced that the Azure Virtual Desktop preview app is now available in the Microsoft Store for and devices. The app allows users to access their virtual desktops and applications hosted on Azure Virtual Desktop, a cloud-based platform that provides a secure and flexible remote desktop experience.

If you are unfamiliar with Azure Virtual Desktop, it is a service that allows users to run Windows 10 and Windows 11 desktops and applications on Azure, Microsoft's cloud platform. Users can access their desktops and applications from any device and location, using a client app such as the one available in the . Azure Virtual Desktop also offers features such as built-in security, cost optimization, scalability, and integration with and Teams.

Microsoft says that the new app provides a native and seamless experience for users who want Azure Virtual Desktop on Windows 11 and Windows 10. Features integrated into the app include multiple monitors, microphone redirection, camera redirection, local printer redirection, clipboard redirection, and more.

Furthermore, the app also supports Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) single sign-on (SSO) and Azure AD conditional access policies.

The app is currently in preview and Microsoft welcomes feedback from users to improve the app and the service. Users can submit feedback through the Feedback Hub app or through the Azure Virtual Desktop forum.

Windows Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 Merger

Last November, Microsoft merged its Windows 365 and Virtual Desktop divisions into a single business. This new entity is under the leadership of Scott Manchester, who has been heading Windows 365 as director of program management over the last three years.

Windows 365 brings the Windows platform to the through Azure. The platform is a secure version of Windows that includes apps, settings, and data. It is available on corporate and personal devices.

Essentially, this is Windows through the cloud and accessible on any device. Microsoft uses its (Virtual Desktop) to handle the resources.

Tip of the day: The Windows Clipboard history feature provides the functionality across device, space, and time, letting you copy on one computer and paste the text days later on a different PC. All of it is possible via the Windows 10 clipboard manager, which lets you view, delete, pin, and clear clipboard history at will.

In our tutorial we show you how to enable the feature, clear clipboard history, and enable/disable clipboard sync to meet your preferences. You can also create a clear clipboard shortcut for quick removal of stored content.

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