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Google Search Reportedly Getting AI Tools to Compete with Bing Chat next Month

Google Search is apparently getting new AI tools next month as Google tries to keep pace with Microsoft and Bing Chat.


Earlier today, I wrote about reports claiming Samsung is ready to ditch Google Search in favor of 's Bing Chat on its mobile devices. As attempts to keep pace with Microsoft's rapid adoption of AI, the company is reportedly ready to bring AI tools to in May.

Bing chatbot and 's ChatGPT are two of the most prominent examples of AI that can surface natural language responses to user queries. Both services use OpenAI's GPT-4 and are transforming how people search online. Google is known to have been caught off guard by Bing Chat, which could potentially disrupt Google's core business.

According to a report by The Verge, Google is scrambling to answer the threat of these chatbots by developing its own AI tools under the codename Magi. The report says that Google will release new AI-powered search features next month, with even more coming in the fall. The new features will be available exclusively in the US and will be released initially to a maximum of one million users.

Of course, this is not Bard, the natural language processing AI the company rolled out in preview last month. However, Bard has been plagued by issues, including complaints from creators that does not properly attribute sources and that Google uses data from ChatGPT to train the bot. That all led Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai to say the AI is just a prototype and is in testing.

Is the Search Market Changing?

Google is also planning a more radical rebuild of its search engine, which will leverage its AI expertise and data. However, there is no clear timetable for when it will release the new search technology, which could be too late to catch up with its rivals.

A report from The New York Times suggests that will stop using Google Search and select Bing Chat as its smartphone default browser. Samsung currently uses Google Search as its default engine. The company is an important partner to Google, which makes the bulk of its revenue from search.

Losing Samsung would be a huge blow for Google, while it will strengthen Microsoft's growing position in the market.

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