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LinkedIn Launches Profile Verification (and It Is Completely Free)

LinkedIn is allowing users to verify their profiles for free through Microsoft Entra, a company email, or via a partnership with CLEAR.


is this week rolling out ways for users to verify their profiles, so people on the business network can see their identity. In fact, there are three ways to verify and all of the features are available for free to all LinkedIn users.

While other social platforms – notably Twitter and Facebook – have profile verification, they charge users to verify their account.

“On LinkedIn, when you show that you're the real you, you'll have an even greater chance of finding the professional opportunities that matter to you and your community,” the company said today.

LinkedIn has been working hard to ensure profiles are easily verifiable. Last year the company launched its “About this profile” feature to combat a surge of bot accounts. This feature highlights when a profile was created, if it has a phone number, work email, and other information.

Three Profile Verification Options are Available

Profile verification will go further by providing three ways to properly confirm identity of a profile:

  • CLEAR: By partnering with security identity platform CLEAR, LinkedIn allows users to verify their profile by using a US Government ID and phone number.
  • Company email: An easier method is to supply a company-issued email to verify the profile. However, this is currently only available for 4,000 companies. More will be supported soon.
  • : Over two million LinkedIn customers will be able to use Microsoft Entra identity management suite when support goes live later this month.

Launched last year, Entra is a new suite that packages a bunch of identity and access tools under one roof. Specifically, wants to improve digital access for its customers with a single product. Microsoft Entra bundles all the company's identity and access products. That means customers get Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM), Azure Active Directory, and Decentralized Identity.

“While all LinkedIn members globally won't have access to these verification options immediately, we will expand availability and ways for you to participate over time,” the company adds.

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