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Windows 11 Gains New Features through April Patch Tuesday

Microsoft is adding new features to Windows 11 as part of April 2023 Patch Tuesday, including new icons and Start menu functionality.


Patch Tuesdays are 's monthly cumulative updates that bring security patches and other fixes to platforms such as Windows 10 and . It is rare for Microsoft to bundle new features into this rollout, but that is what is happening through April 2023 .

This update is bringing new features to Windows 11 2022 Update I Version 22H2.

One of the new features is the ability to rename virtual desktops, which are separate workspaces that can help users organize their tasks and apps. Users can now right-click on a virtual desktop thumbnail in the Task View and choose Rename to give it a custom name. This can make it easier to switch between different desktops and keep track of what's on each one.

Another new feature is the addition of a microphone icon in the taskbar, which shows when an app is using the microphone. Users can click on the icon to see which app is accessing the microphone and manage their privacy settings. This can help users prevent unwanted or malicious apps from recording their audio without their consent.

Changes to the Start Menu App Management Experience

Elsewhere in the update, Microsoft is also adding improvements for the experience. Specifically, it is now possible to drag and drop apps from “All Apps” to the pinned apps sections. Furthermore, users can now unpin multiple apps at the same time with Ctrl+click. Also on the Start menu, it now displays an arrow next to applications that have a submenu.

Other improvements in the update are related to performance, security, and stability. The update fixes some bugs and issues that could cause crashes, freezes, or errors in Windows 11. It also addresses some vulnerabilities that could affect the security of Windows 11 devices and users.

Windows 11 users can get this update now by heading to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and click on Check for updates.

Tip of the day: With a single registry tweak, it's possible to add a ‘Take Ownership' button to the right-click context menu that performs all of the necessary actions for you. You'll gain full access to all possible actions, including deletion, renaming, and more. All files and subfolders will also be under your name.

The Take Ownership context menu will set the currently active user as the owner of the files, though they must also be an administrator. They can then enter the folder or modify the file as they usually would.

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