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Rumor: Sony Working on Remote PlayStation, a New Generation Handheld Console

Sony is working on a Q Lite remote play screen/controller for the PlayStation 5, working as a portable way to access games.


Sony may be planning to re-enter the portable gaming market with a new handheld console, according to a report by Insider Gaming. Citing  industry insiders Tom Henderson and Jeff Grubb, the report claims that Sony is developing a handheld PlayStation device codenamed Q Lite that will focus on Remote Play functionality.

Remote Play is a feature that allows PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners to stream their games to another device, such as a smartphone, tablet, PC, or TV. The Q Lite will reportedly be a dedicated handheld device that will act as a controller and a screen for Remote Play, allowing users to play their PS5 games anywhere they have a high-speed internet connection.

Of course, Sony is no stranger to the handheld console market. The company already has the PSP and PS Vita. The former was released during the PS3 generation, allowing players to access PS3 games on the move. The PS Vita was launched during the PS4 generation and brought up-to-date (at launch) gaming capabilities.

Neither device was a massive success. Sales were solid by neither the PSP nor PS Vita broke into the mainstream, despite both of them being fantastic devices.

Remote Play Device for the PlayStation 5

The Q Lite will be different from the older consoles because it will not be a standalone product. The Q Lite will not have its own games or support cloud gaming services like PlayStation Now. Instead, it will rely on the PS5 as the main source of gaming content. In other words, it is strictly a portable screen/controller.

According to the report, the Q Lite will have an 8-inch LCD touchscreen with 1080p resolution and support for up to 60 frames per second. It will also have adaptive triggers and buttons for haptic feedback, similar to the PS5 DualSense controller. Additionally, it will have volume buttons, speakers, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Sony is expected to launch an updated PS5 in the fall of 2024. The refresh will bring a new wireless headset, wireless earphones, and a detachable disk drive. The report suggests the company will unveil the Q Lite at the same time.

Ongoing Battle with Microsoft Over Activision Blizzard

It is nice to see the gaming discussion turn back to actual products following months of between and Sony. As Microsoft attempts to acquire Activision Blizzard for $69bn, Sony has been pushing back against the deal and reportedly urging regulators to stop it from happening.

Microsoft's console rival Sony still pushes back against the deal. Sony has been vocally against the acquisition since day one. The company admits Call of Duty is irreplaceable on PlayStation. Call of Futy is the hugely popular Activision frachise that Sony believes Microsoft will make exclusive to Xbox.

However, Microsoft has reached 10-year licensing agreements with Nintendo, GeForce Now, Boosteroid, and Ubitus to provide CoD across platofrms.

While a similar 10-year licensing agreement is on the table for Sony, the PlayStation company remains unimpressed. In fact, Sony has recently claimed Microsoft could purposely reduce the quality of Call of Duty and sabotage the game on other platforms.

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