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Microsoft Edge Workspaces Reaches Public Preview Allowing Users to Create Custom Browser Windows

Microsoft Edge Workspaces is a new browser tool that allows users to create their own custom browser windows that they can then share.


has this week released Workspaces, a new feature for its web browser that is now available in a limited public preview. According to the company, Edge Workspaces gives users the ability to customize browser windows or create new ones. These windows can be setup for various projects or tasks.

For example, if a user is planning a trip, they can create a Workspace for it and add tabs, favorites, and documents related to their travel plans. They can also name their Workspace and choose a color theme for it. Edge will then be configured as a browser experience based on the Workspace.

Once a Workspace is created, users can share their browser window with others who are working on the same task or project. This way, they can browse the web together and see each other's updates in real time. They can also collaborate on documents within the Workspace using apps.

How does Microsoft Edge Workspaces benefit users?

According to Microsoft, Edge Workspaces brings several benefits to users, including:

  • Focus: By separating browsing tasks into different Workspaces, users can avoid distractions and clutter in their browser. They can also switch between Workspaces easily using the Workspaces menu or keyboard shortcuts.
  • Organization: Workspaces help users tp keep track of all the web pages and documents related to a task in one place. They can also access their Workspaces across devices using their Microsoft account.
  • Synchronization: By sharing their Workspaces with others, users can ensure that everyone is on the same page and has access to the same information. They can also see each other's changes and additions to the tabs, favorites, and documents in real time.
  • Security: This feature does not share their browser data or screen with others, only the content that they have access to and choose to share.

How to Join the Microsoft Edge Workspaces Preview

If users want to try out Microsoft Edge Workspaces for themselves, here's what they need to do:

  • Make sure they have Microsoft Edge version 111.0.1661.51 or higher on their PC.
  • Sign in to Microsoft Edge with their Microsoft account.
  • Click here to sign up for the Microsoft Edge Workspaces Consumer Preview.
  • They will get five invites to send to their friends and family to join the preview with them.

In other Microsoft Edge news this week, the browser received an integration with Bing Image Creator. Specifically, Microsoft's new /DALL-E based driven image generation AI is now available in the side bar of Edge.

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