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Google Launches Nearby Share Beta to Make File Sharing between Windows and Android Easier

Google is bringing Nearby Share Beta to Windows, allowing users to share files with Android and Chrome OS devices from Windows 11.


has announced the launch of Nearby Share Beta for Windows, a feature that lets users share files and links with nearby Android devices. The feature is currently available in select regions for users who have Chrome 94 or later installed on their PCs.

Nearby Share was initially launched in 2020 as a way to share files between Android devices and Chromebooks running . Google said at the time it was working on a Windows integration of the service, but it has taken nearly three years to arrive.

Nearby Share works similarly to 's AirDrop, allowing users to quickly and easily share content with nearby devices without using the internet. Users can choose to share with everyone nearby, only their contacts, or remain hidden. Users can also adjust their device name and visibility settings in Chrome.

Google Nearby Share Beta is available for and . It is worth noting already has a similar tool known as (previously Your Phone). It is a bridging application that lets users view and use their smartphone on their Windows desktop. Phone Link provides access to images, documents, messages, and other content from phone to PC.

How Nearby Share Beta Works

Nearby Share is arguably a better tool if you want to move files seamlessly to or from an Android device. To use the feature, users need to enable the feature in Chrome's settings and then right-click on the file or link they want to share. They will see a list of devices that have Nearby Share enabled and can select the one they want to share with. The recipient will get a notification to accept or decline the share.

Google says Nearby Share uses Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC, or peer-to-peer Wi-Fi to transfer data securely and privately. The feature does not require any additional software or hardware and works across different platforms, including Android, Chrome OS, and Windows.

Google has not revealed when Nearby Share will be available to all users globally, but says it is working to improve the feature based on user feedback.

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