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Bing Chat: Microsoft Working on Improved Math Formatting for Its AI Search

Microsoft is previewing improved math formula formatting in Bing Chat, with 10% of users currently testing the update.


's is getting better every day, whether it is through the integration of GPT-4 earlier this month or Microsoft adding new features. Many of those are tweaks that Microsoft makes under the hood without making an announcement. However, one of those usually unmentioned new features is getting a shout-out today.

Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft's head of Advertising and Web Services, took to Twitter to discuss a preview of much-improved math formatting on Bing Chat. In the tweet, he showcases match solutions that look much more organized than before.

This improvement is currently in testing, with Parakhin saying around 10 percent of Bing Chat users can currently see the change. He adds that it will arrive for all users “soon”.

While this is not a game-changing update, it further improves the overall Bing Chat experience, especially if you do use the AI for building math formulas.

Changing Bing

Microsoft's consistent improvements have allowed it to open up Bing Chat in recent weeks. Earlier this month, the company lifted the waitlist for the chatbot, allowing anyone to instantly start using the AI. Microsoft has also been increasing the number of daily chat turns.

Bing Chat now offers 200 total turns per day over 10 sessions of 20 chat interactions.

Earlier today, I reported on Microsoft's confirmation that it is going to leverage ads in the AI search. In a post, Yusuf Mehdi, the company's Corporate Vice President & Consumer Chief Marketing Officer, says:

“The early progress is encouraging. Based on our data from the preview, we are driving more traffic from all types of users. We have brought more people to Bing/Edge for new scenarios like chat and we are seeing increased usage. Then, we have uniquely implemented ways to drive traffic to publishers including citations within the body of the chat answers that are linked to sources as well as citations below the chat results to “learn more” with links to additional sources.”

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