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Microsoft Delays Remote PowerShell Deprecation in Exchange Online until October

Microsoft says Remote PowerShell support in Exchange Online will now end in June with extensions available until September.


Earlier this month, said it will no longer provide Remote PowerShell support in from April 1. However, the company has now decided to extend the timeframe for the cutoff.

PowerShell cmdlets are important tools for Exchange Online admins as they help them create flows and manage their environment. The problem is the cmdlets are based on Remote PowerShell (RPS), which is not secure in modern systems.

Microsoft wants to pivot away from RPS and is now forcing organizations to more on too by deprecating support for RPS in Exchange Online.

Specifically, the company will block Remote PowerShell on all new Exchange Online tenants on April 1 before expanding to all customers in June 2023. Microsoft now says it is extending both deadlines. The new timeframe means RPS support will end in May for existing customers, but users can re-enable it until September.

Moving On

As for new tenants after July 1, they cannot even access RPS and the support will be completely removed by October.

Microsoft has decided to block Remote PowerShell in Exchange Online due to security. More specifically, because the company now has REST-based Exchange Online PowerShell v3 module on the platform since September 2022.

The company wants all Exchange Online admin to be handed on REST-based APIs. Microsoft understands that some IT departments will not have updated to Online PowerShell version 3. In those cases, customers can request an extension to the end date.

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