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OpenAI: ChatGPT Plugins Coming to Your Favorite Apps

OpenAI has announced that ChatGPT now supports plugins, with 12 apps launching integrations with the chatbot AI.


has already taken the world by storm, debuting just several months ago and already becoming the poster boy for mainstream AI. This week, has issued a new update for its natural processing . Specifically, the research firm says that ChatGPT now supports plugins.

This is important because it means that developers can now connect the popular chatbot to their apps. In other words, your favorite apps may soon have direct access to ChatGPT within them and allow you to leverage the AI on their service.

OpenAI says a small number of developers and subscribers can build a plugin right now. However, the company plans to expand access to include everyone eventually. There is currently a waitlist open to join. If you are unfamiliar with ChatGPT Plus, it is a subscription-based pro version of the chatbot that provides more features and abilities.

“In the coming months, as we learn from deployment and continue to improve our safety systems, we'll iterate on this protocol, and we plan to enable developers using OpenAI models to integrate plugins into their own applications beyond ChatGPT,” the company confirms.

Plugins retrieve information in real time from other apps to perform user tasks. For example, booking flights or making a purchase. The initial 12 plugins that are available are from the following major apps, including Opentable, Kayak, Shopify, and Expedia. Slack is also among them after the communication app announced ChatGPT support last month.

“We expect that open standards will emerge to unify the ways in which applications expose an AI-facing interface. We are working on an early attempt at what such a standard might look like, and we're looking for feedback from developers interested in building with us,” OpenAI adds.

Microsoft and OpenAI

Of course, has been a major investor in OpenAI and helped the company develop the GPT engine that underpins ChatGPT. Now up to , the AI has been folded into Microsoft services like Microsoft 365 Copilot, Azure OpenAI Service, as well as Bing Chat and the new Bing Image Creator.

Microsoft will likely benefit from OpenAI's new plugin in support. The company invested billions into OpenAI in January, and it believed Microsoft receives 49% of profits that OpenAI makes.

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