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Google Maps Immersive View Now Available in Preview

The Google Maps Immersive Mode feature announced last year finally seems to be available, but only to some users.


Back at its I/O event in May 2022, announced a new AI-driven mode for its popular mapping app. Immersive View has not been made available since that introduction. However, that is changing today as the feature is now making it to some users.

Although, only random luck will decide if you will get to test the feature. Over the past week, Google has been sending out the new feature to users, but it seems to not be a wide launch.

This builds on Google's announcement last month that it was rolling out the Immersive View for Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, San Francisco, and New York. Despite that announcement, users were not seeing the feature until this week.

It does seem the rollout is slow with most users currently not seeing the tool. I tried to evoke it on a few Google accounts and was unable to.

Google Maps Immersive view is powered by AI and gives users even more navigation options in Street View and traditional maps. The company says the new feature provides a more in-depth view of the world, an immersive view that puts users at the heart of a landmark, street, or other areas of interest.

How it Works

For tourists and travelers, discovering attractions will become more dynamic and they will look more realistic on Google Maps. The company suggests it will be like actually being at the location:

“Say you're planning a trip to London and want to figure out the best sights to see and places to eat. With a quick search, you can virtually soar over Westminster to see the neighborhood and stunning architecture of places, like Big Ben, up close. With Google Maps' helpful information layered on top, you can use the time slider to check out what the area looks like at different times of day and in various weather conditions, and see where the busy spots are.”

The new Immersive Mode works on Google Maps across platforms.

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Last Updated on April 28, 2023 12:53 pm CEST

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