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Nvidia Deepens Microsoft Azure Partnership with New Cloud Services for AI and Metaverse Applications

The two new services provide access to pre-trained AI models, tools and access to ready-made metaverse applications.


and have partnered to bring two new cloud services based on Nvidia Omniverse Enterprise to Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform.

Nvidia Omniverse Enterprise is a scalable, end-to-end platform that enables enterprises to build and operate metaverse applications. Based on Universal Scene Description (USD), Omniverse Enterprise allows teams to connect and customize complex 3D pipelines and operate large-scale, physically accurate virtual worlds.

New Cloud Services Based on Nvidia Omniverse Enterprise

Nvidia Omniverse AI LaunchPad provides access to pre-trained AI models and tools for creating synthetic data and training custom AI models using simulated environments in Omniverse Enterprise. This service can help enterprises accelerate their and deployment by reducing the need for real-world data collection and annotation.

Nvidia Omniverse Metaverse LaunchPad provides access to ready-made metaverse applications and templates for creating custom metaverse experiences using Omniverse Enterprise. This service can help enterprises leverage the power of metaverse technologies for various use cases such as virtual collaboration, training, , entertainment, or social interaction.

Both services will be available on Azure later this year and will offer pay-as-you-go pricing models.

Omniverse Enterprise has many applications across different industries, such as architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, entertainment, healthcare, education, and more. For example, Omniverse Enterprise can be used to create digital twins of real-world assets or processes, such as buildings, factories, cities, or even human bodies. These digital twins can then be simulated and analyzed using advanced physics and AI capabilities powered by Nvidia GPUs.

Omniverse Enterprise can also be used to create immersive and collaborative 3D environments for training, education, entertainment, or social interaction. For example, Omniverse Enterprise can enable remote teams to work together on 3D projects using different software tools such as Autodesk Maya or Blender. Omniverse Enterprise can also enable users to create their own virtual worlds or explore existing ones using VR or AR devices.

Impact of Partnership of Microsoft and Nvidia

According to both companies, the partnership will make it easier and more affordable for enterprises of all sizes and sectors to adopt metaverse technologies and using Nvidia Omniverse Enterprise on Azure.

Enterprises will be able to scale up or down their 3D workflows and simulations according to their needs and budget using Azure's global infrastructure and flexible compute options. They will also be able to protect their data and intellectual property using Azure's advanced security features and compliance standards.

Enterprises using Nvidia´s service will be able to access new features and updates from both Nvidia and Microsoft as they continue to innovate their platforms and services. Nividia gives three examples of how enterprises can use these new cloud services based on Nvidia Omniverse Enterprise:

  • A car manufacturer can use Nvidia Omniverse AI LaunchPad to create synthetic data sets of different driving scenarios using simulated environments in Omniverse Enterprise. The manufacturer can then use these data sets to train custom AI models for autonomous driving systems or driver assistance features.
  • A film studio can use Nvidia Omniverse Metaverse LaunchPad to create immersive 3D scenes for movies or games using ready-made assets and templates in Omniverse Enterprise. The studio can then collaborate with remote teams or clients using VR or AR devices to review or edit their scenes in real-time.
  • A healthcare provider can use both Nvidia Omniverse AI LaunchPad and Metaverse LaunchPad to create digital twins of human organs or diseases using simulated environments in Omniverse Enterprise. The provider can then use these digital twins to train AI models for diagnosis or treatment recommendations or provide interactive patient and student education experiences.

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