Microsoft’s Unified Update Platform (UUP) Comes to on-Premises next Week

Microsoft says that the first Unified Update Platform (UUP) update for on-premises will weigh 10GB and ship on March 28.


is preparing to roll out its for on-premises updates. In a Tech Community blog post, the company says that the UUP service will be available from March 28. According to the company, the mechanism will allow for smaller packages for on-premises updates.

Although, the first will weigh in at a hefty 10GB. points out this is a one-time package to kick off the Unified Platform era. Once that is installed, organizations will start receiving UUP updates.

Microsoft's initial March 28 update will bring a new version of the KB5023706 update on devices. There will be no other fixes in this first update. It is instead serving to setup UUP to enable updates in the future.

In its blog post, Microsoft explains:

“To summarize, UUP is the future of , version 22H2 updates. If your WSUS or Microsoft Configuration Manager is configured to sync, your organization will start syncing the extra 10GB download after March 28th. It's just a one-time download to distribution points. Thereafter, all , version 22H2 updates will be UUP on-premises updates, and downloads to distribution points will be the same size as pre-UUP updates.”


Microsoft's for 11 has been in public preview since last October for on premises users.

The company debuted the Unified Update Platform (UUP) in November 2016. Microsoft developed the platform to reduce the size of updates and to make finding new updates more efficient. UUP is essentially a way to make Windows updates more seamless by reducing the amount of data included in the update package.

Tip of the day: downloads can often be frustrating because they are several gigabytes in size and can slow down your internet connection. That means your device may work with reduced performance while the update is downloading. In our guide we show you how to limit bandwidth for Windows Update downloads, so they won't bother you again.