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Microsoft Taps GPT-4 AI for Nuance to Drive Automation for Clinical Documentation

Microsoft has announced DAX Express, a new AI automation using GPT-4 in Nuance that brings automated documentation to medical professionals.


is so all in on AI that it is rare to get an announcement from the company that does not involve . The company's lucrative partnership with OpenAI has resulted in the integration of GPT-4/ChatGPT across multiple services. Next to get the AI treatment is Microsoft's Nuance division, which it acquired for $19.7 billion in 2022.

Nuance is releasing a new AI tool called Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) Express that adds the natural language processing conversational AI of GPT-4. This integration will be used to automate clinical documentation.

In a blog post, the company explains how DAX Express can reduce admin burdens on medical professionals. It uses AI to log and generate patient data. Microsoft points out that automating notes will streamline medical workloads and help professionals focus on patient care. The company points to five outcomes it thinks DAX Express will achieve:

  • Relieving workforce burnout – Our solutions are proven to lead the industry in addressing this seemingly intractable problem – with physicians reporting up to 70% reduction in feelings of burnout and fatigue.
  • Supporting specialty workflows – From surgeons to radiologists, our solutions analyze vast amounts of patient data, deliver workflow automation, facilitate reporting and communication, and provide AI insights that support more informed decision-making, planning and treatment—improving radiologist efficiency by 50% and reducing time-to-intervention by 74%.
  • Improving adherence – By analyzing data to uncover findings, simplifying patient and physician communication, and providing comprehensive care plan tracking, our solutions deliver a 52% improvement in follow-up adherence.
  • Increasing access to care – Our automated clinical documentation solutions give back time to clinicians who often choose to see more patients, adding five appointments per average clinic day – enabling clinicians to provide their best care to more people.
  • Enhancing patient engagement – AI-powered are just one example of how AI is providing patients with quick and accessible information using built-in medical knowledge bases and triage protocols, which can trigger seamless handoff from bot interaction to a doctor, nurse or support agent. And, by delivering consistent and contextually relevant patient experiences, healthcare organizations are realizing 30% increases in patient self-service rates and 50% reductions in patient support costs.”

GPT-4 Push

Microsoft has been expanding its support for GPT-4 since the AI engine started shipping this month. The company updated Bing Chat to bring GPT-4 capabilities to the -powered AI search engine.

Last week, Microsoft 365 Copilot made its debut. This new AI brings GPT-4 to apps such as Word, Teams, PowerPoint, Viva Engage, and Outlook.

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