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GitHub Debuts Guides for Creating an Open Source Program Office (OSPO)

GitHub OSPO is a new repository that gives open source program office users guidelines and tools to manage their projects.


's platform has this week published a set of internal guides and services that will help developers set up an open-source program office (OSPO). These guides and tools are found in the new GitHub-OSPO repository.

In this repository, users can find policies for contributor license agreements (CLA) and guides showing how to archive repositories. According to GitHub, the repository will give smaller open-source projects the ability to grow and become more consistent.

As open-source solutions become more integrated into everyday technology stacks, the need for better growth and organization is necessary. software (OSS) is becoming a part of cloud services and productivity platforms.

Businesses are increasingly turning to OSS solutions built internally to drive their engagement and other growth metrics. However, maintaining these open source projects and keeping up with security, licensing, and compliance is challenging.


And this is where GitHub says OSPO can help:

“The purpose of this repo is to enable new OSPOs to be successful on GitHub. On behalf of the GitHub OSPO we are sharing our policies, tools, and best practices to guide you through the first 6-12 months of your organization's open source journey.”

OSPO is becoming crucial for developers of open source solutions, with many companies now managing their own dedicated OSPOs. GitHub points to a recent Octoverse report that shows 30% of Fortune 100 companies have an OSPO in place.

GitHub OSPO essentially gives users a place to get their compliance, licensing, management, and security in one service.

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