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Bing Chat Update Brings Large Context to Creative Mode for All Users

Microsoft says that Bing Chat Creative Mode now supports large context windows, while image uploading is coming soon.


is accelerating the development of its AI search engine. This week the company increased turns to 150 per day over 15 per turn sessions. Furthermore, the company announced Bing Chat is running on OpenAI's GPT-4 engine with tools from within its Prometheus engine.

Now, Microsoft is adding large context for Creative Mode for all users. The announcement was made by Mikhail Parakhin, who has become sort of the spokesperson for Bing Chat news on Twitter. Microsoft's head of Advertising and Web Services said large context for Creative Mode is available “100%”.

However, he did not confirm if this means the Creative Mode now has 8k / 32 k context window support. In fact, in declining to answer that question, Parakhin even gave a complement to Google Bard, the upcoming rival search chatbot to Bing:

GPT-4 Evolution

Elsewhere, Parakhin confirmed that the ability for Bing to respond faster to queries was incoming. Moreover, with AI now underpinning Bing Chat, Parakhin said that “image uploading will be implemented” but it seems that it is not imminent.

's GPT-4 is a . This means that it can interact through various forms, such as sound, text, and images. Bing will seemingly gain those capabilities eventually – and Parakhin says as much – but it won't be just yet.

Microsoft's new Bing Chat AI search uses a combination of the company's technology with OpenAI's ChatGPT to offer natural language search results.

Thanks to its chatbot capabilities, Bing Chat can take data from around the web and present it to users as functional search results. These results are in natural language text. We have recently seen how the AI search can play chess, give people recipes from the contents of their fridge/pantry, and create artworks.

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