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The Most Expensive CS:GO Knife Skins in 2023


This article was contributed by Ann Wilson who is a marketer and writer at Profilerr.

Melee weapons in CS:GO play an extremely important role. At a risky moment, a player who confidently wields a knife can deftly avoid the death of a character. The knife is often the last chance or an excellent means of neutralizing the enemy with a silent attack. If you want to achieve high gaming results and perhaps join the best CS:GO teams in the PROFILLER rating, this article is for you. The best players from US, Canada, and pretty much anywhere else use the best skins, so let’s look at the most expensive knife skins in 2023.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Knife Skins

Knife skins in a shooter initially have a high level of rarity and a relatively high cost. However, some items are especially valuable. Several factors affect the cost of a knife skin:

  • a StatTrak counter;
  • float value;
  • rare pattern.

Skins with a StatTrak technology, which allows you to track the number of killed players, usually cost more. The StatTrak indicator for knife skins is located directly on the body of the weapon. The wear level (float value) of knife skins can vary from 0 to 1. Most items are available to players in all exteriors. However, there are rare skins that are available only in two versions – Factory New and Minimal Wear. Moreover, the cost of the skin can be affected by the rarity of the pattern. For example, the Doppler skin series has several rare skin phases – Sapphire, Ruby, and Black Pearl. They differ only in appearance. For example, the Black Pearl phase is the rarest, but that doesn’t mean it’s the most expensive. The thing is, many players find that the Sapphire phase has a more charming effect due to the bright blue color. Therefore, the demand, and, accordingly, the cost of this option is higher.

The Most Valuable Knife Skins in CS:GO

An expensive knife skin is a great game artifact that makes a player enthusiastic. It is also a real treasure for collectors. Now, using statistics provided by Volodymyr Huda, let’s look at the most valuable knife skins in the game.

M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web (Factory New)

The skin of this knife was integrated into the CS:GO game on August 14, 2013 during an update called “The Arms Deal”. This skin has a Covert rarity. M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web is part of 11 containers. The float value of this skin ranges from 0,06 to 0,80. This means that players can use the skin in all existing exteriors. This skin has a stunning look that will not leave any player indifferent. The blade and guard of the weapon are painted in deep red, there is a pattern in the form of a barely noticeable cobweb. The handle of the knife is painted black. This item was noticed in the inventories of pro players such as taco, happy, and shox. The average cost of a skin in the Factory New version is over $3,500.

Karambit | Doppler (Factory New – Ruby)

Valve added this gorgeous skin to the game on January 8, 2015 during the “Full Spectrum” update. CS:GO players have a chance to get this item by opening three containers: Chroma 2 Case, Chroma 3 Case, or Chroma Case. The quality level of this skin is Covert. The chance of getting a skin as a drop is practically 0. This skin has seven phases. The “Ruby” phase is one of the most valuable. The skin design in this phase resembles the texture of a ruby. The blade is painted in shades of red, depicted as a gradient. The knife handle is unpainted. The float value of Karambit | Doppler ranges from 0,00 to 0,08. This means that players can only use this skin in two exteriors – Factory New and Minimal Wear. The cost of this skin with the Ruby pattern, as a rule, is not less than $1,500. This beautiful item was spotted in the inventories of pro players olofmeister, edward, and maniac.

Karambit | Case Hardened (Blue Gem)

This chic knife skin with a delicately curved blade was integrated into the game on August 14, 2013 during the “The Arms Deal” update. This item can be found in three containers, including CS:GO Weapon Case, CS:GO Weapon Case 2, and CS:GO Weapon Case 3. Karambit | Case Hardened has a Covert quality level. Players can use this item in all float values, including versions with a StatTrak counter. The rarest version of the skin is considered to be “Blue Gem”, where clear blue spots predominate on the game side of the knife. The cost of such a skin can vary in the range of $5,000 – $10,000. This item was noticed in the inventories of pro players tarik and shroud.


How to Get a Valuable Knife Skin


If your dream is to become the owner of a valuable knife skin, you have several options. You can get a skin by opening a case, but as experience shows, you can spend several thousand dollars and still not get the coveted item. A more real opportunity to get a unique knife skin is to exchange items with other players. Here you also need luck. A player should need your skin as much as you need his knife skin. The easiest way to make your dream come true is to buy a skin through the Steam Community Market or any other platform that specializes in selling CS:GO items.

Final Thoughts

If you have devoted several years to playing CS:GO, then you probably understand the role of skins and their value. A skin is not only a cosmetic tool that can be used to change the appearance of a weapon, but also a great collectible. If you are looking to reach the next level in CS:GO, the Profilerr platform can help you evaluate the performance of the game’s pro players, and their progress within the team, as well as find a lot of useful data for more effective participation in battles.

About the author

Ann Wilson is a marketer and writer at Profilerr. She is passionate about research-informed practices in the gaming industry. Her primary interest and hobby is CS: GO gaming, which is the main focus of the company.  She enjoys almost every video game genre, but her favorite is RPGs.

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