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GM Developing ChatGPT-Style Chatbot for Its in-Car Systems

General Motors is partnering with Microsoft to integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot into its in-car infotainment systems.


General Motors is the latest company to embrace AI and specifically the ChatGPT chatbot from . After reports last week, GM confirmed the development in a statement to Reuters. According to GM Vice President Scott Miller, “ChatGPT is going to be in everything”.

Love it, hate it, or indifferent, there is no doubt that tech companies and organizations in other industries are going all in on ChatGPT. We have seen fall in love with AI, shipping its Bing Chat that has ChatGPT technology into search.

Slack is also using the chatbot, while Spotify and Snapchat are also using the AI. Then there are companies like who are developing their own solutions.

As for GM, it says that its future in-car digital assistant will be able to provide advice on maintenance, such as changing a tire. Of course, it will also be useful within the infotainment system for searches, queries, and entertainment.

“This shift is not just about one single capability like the evolution of voice commands, but instead means that customers can expect their future vehicles to be far more capable and fresh overall when it comes to emerging technologies,” a GM spokesperson told Reuters.

Microsoft Involvement

An earlier report from Semafor suggests GM will leverage ChatGPT differently from services such as Bing Chat. The outlet reports the assistant will have a “car-specific layer” that will function on top of the model AI that underpins ChatGPT.

It is worth noting that Microsoft is a GM partner and it will be helping the carmaker to integrate ChatGPT into its in-car systems. While not confirmed, GM's ChatGPT system will run on . That's because Microsoft is OpenAI's only cloud partner.

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Last Updated on April 27, 2023 10:32 am CEST

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