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Bing for Skype Now Offers Faster AI Chat Responses

Bing for Skype – Microsoft’s search AI chatbot for Skype users – is now getting improvements that will increase accuracy.


last month showed that its promise to recommit to was genuine. The company brought a new version of Skype to users, and also integrated its popular new Bing Chat chatbot AI into the app. Now, Microsoft is rolling out improvements on Bing for Skype.

In an official Bing blog post, Microsoft says that the AI will not be better and offer more accurate responses:

“We heard from you that Bing was slow to respond to your conversations in Skype. We've halved the latency of responses, so you get answers faster. If you haven't already, download the latest version of Skype to try it out.”

This is from the same blog post where Microsoft announced it is increasing the daily turn limit on Bing Chat to 120.

Just like on desktop, Bing is powered by AI that is based on OpenAI's popular ChatGPT chatbot. That engine is known as Prometheus and was developer in-house by Microsoft.

Bing AI

Bing in Skype is not the search engine version of the AI. Instead, it provides direct access to the AI for Skype chats. Microsoft has said it plans to bring Bing Chat to mobile devices. Microsoft's new Bing Chat search chatbot AI is running on a proprietary system known as Prometheus. However, scratch below that surface you find 's and GPT 3.5 underpin the new Bing.

Microsoft has been gradually making improvements to the AI in recent weeks, and it seems those improvements are now making their way to Skype users.

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