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Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service ChatGPT Integration Arrives in Preview

ChatGPT is now available in Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service, allowing users to integrate the chatbot into their services.


Back in January, announced the general availability of its Azure Service. At the time, the company promised that it would bring to the platform in the near future. Well, that is now happening. On Thursday, the company announced that ChatGPT is now available in preview on OpenAI Service.

Azure OpenAI has been in preview since it was first announced at Ignite 2021. It is available as an Azure Cognitive Service, adding, OpenAI GPT-3 security, compliance, reliability, models, and other enterprise abilities.

Alongside ChatGPT and GPT-3, also supports other AI models such as the Dall-E-2 image generation model, GPT-3.5, and the “Codex” code generating model.

Now with ChatGPT in preview in Azure OpenAI Service, developers can integrate custom AI-powered experiences directly into their own applications, including enhancing existing bots to handle unexpected questions, recapping call center conversations to enable faster customer support resolutions, creating new ad copy with personalized offers, automating claims processing, and more.”

Microsoft points out that companies using Azure Cognitive Search can leverage ChatGPT to create in-house with search capabilities. According to the company, Azure Cognitive Search becomes “an external knowledge base that can retrieve pieces quickly and with good relevance.”

The Rise of ChatGPT

ChatGPT has become the tech story of the year. Since its preview last November, the chatbot has made headlines. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a natural processing (NLP) AI that provides human-like responses.

Microsoft has fallen in love with ChatGPT. The company has strengthened its partnership with OpenAI through a multi-billion-dollar investment and also used ChatGPT to power its new Bing chat AI search.

In Azure OpenAI Service, Microsoft is charging customers to use the AI, even in preview:

“Customers can begin using ChatGPT today,” the company says. “It is priced at $0.002/1k tokens and billing for all ChatGPT usage begins March 13th.”

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