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Slack Leverages ChatGPT for Chatbot AI Responses on Channels

Salesforce has announced Slack ChatGPT, a new app that integrates the AI chatbot into Slack channels for search answers.


has made the most of its multi-billion-dollar investments in . The company has worked on several collaborative projects with OpenAI. Furthermore, Redmond has added ChatGPT tech into Bing and also reportedly takes 49% of all OpenAI profits. However, is still not a Microsoft product and the chatbot is now available on .

Slack owner has announced the app is now available with ChatGPT. Specifically, it will use the all-conquering natural language processing chatbot for a number of AI scenarios:

  • Get up to speed faster on channels or threads: with AI-powered conversation summaries help users quickly catch up on what's happening.
  • Instantly find answers on any project or topic: with AI-powered research tools, users can learn and build expertise faster right from Slack — whether they're researching best practices, prospecting a new account, and more.
  • Draft messages in seconds to communicate with customers and teams: with AI-powered writing assistance, users can spend less time crafting replies, status updates, and meeting notes — and more time putting the plan in action.”

It is worth noting Salesforce says Slack ChatGPT will not provide data to the ChatGPT language model to help it train. The company says this is to protect businesses and maintain security and safety.

Leading the Way

This integration is interesting because Slack is getting ChatGPT before . The two services are rivals in the enterprise communication space. Considering Microsoft's extremely close ties to OpenAI, the company may see a missed opportunity to have ChatGPT available.

Of course, Microsoft has its own chatbot that is built from ChatGPT technology. However, Prometheus currently only powers Bing Chat and an integration in Skype. Microsoft will surely be moving ahead and spreading the AI to more services, but for now Slack is offering something Teams doesn't.

Although, it is worth noting last month Microsoft integrated OpenAI GPT-3 into Teams.

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Last Updated on April 27, 2023 10:32 am CEST

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