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Microsoft Bing Chat Now Supports 120 Daily Turns Per User

Microsoft’s recent improvements to Bing Chat are paying off as users can now get 120 turns on the AI each day.


It has been a month since launched its new Bing Chat AI search engine. Featuring an AI chatbot, the new experience has been in preview since. However, Microsoft has been forced to change the usage session limit following issues with the AI's responses. Since then, the company has improved the model underpinning and is now increasing the daily turn limit to 120.

Microsoft said last week it is increasing the number of people it approves to access new Bing. There is currently a waitlist to use the chatbot as it remains in preview.

Bing Chat is a new AI version of Microsoft's search engine that works as a with Microsoft Edge. To build the chatbot, Microsoft worked with long-time partner and leveraged technology through its own Prometheus engine.

However, despite grabbing headlines, Bing Chat has had similar problems to other AI , including misinformation, incorrect information, and strange responses. Microsoft's bot was challenging users with incorrect data and even lamenting its existence as an AI.


Microsoft was forced to limit testing of the AI but is now increasing the limit up to 120. As for sessions, users can have 8 per day. This was confirmed by Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft's Head of Advertising and Web Services, on .

While new Bing's first month has been a little rocky, it is worth remembering the AI is in preview. Issues like those that have been reported are relatively normal. Users have been able to find many uses for the AI, including its ability to play chess, provide recipes on available ingredients, and generate art.

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