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Does Samsung Have an Internal CPU Core Division? The Company Says No

Samsung has shot down reports suggesting it is creating a proprietary CPU to power its Galaxy Book Windows PCs.


Tech rumors are completely normal, whether it is discussing upcoming hardware or software products. It is rare that a company responds to rumors and explicitly denies them. But that's what has decided to do about a report about a new internal team developing a CPU core.

That initial report from Korean site Pulsenews (via SamMobile) claimed Samsung is working on a new desktop CPU that would power its upcoming Galaxy Book Windows PC. The report cited sources close to the matter and that the new internal division is being led by a develop who used to work with AMD:

“The first chip, dubbed Galaxy Chip, could be available in 2025, according to industry sources. The chip, however, will likely be loaded with a CPU based on ARM technology as Samsung Electronics has just initiated development of its own CPU core.”


However, Samsung has taken the rare step of responding directly to the report and denying its claims outright. In a message sent to SamMobile, the company said the following:

“A recent media report that Samsung has established an internal team dedicated to CPU core development is not true. Contrary to the news, we have long had multiple internal teams responsible for CPU development and optimization, while constantly recruiting global talents from relevant fields.”

It is a little strange that Samsung would directly deny this report, out of the thousands of rumors about the company each week. But for whatever reason, Samsung clearly thought it was worth setting the record straight in this instance.

Of course, the company is already a chip manufacturer in its own right through its Exynos product line.

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