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YouTube’s New CEO Details Plans for Creators and Podcasters in 2023

Google’s new YouTube CEO, Neal Mohan, has laid out his plans for the video platform covering podcasts and monetization.


Last month, the long-standing CEO of 's platform stepped away from the position. Susan Wojcicki is now replaced by Neal Mohan, who becomes the new CEO of the world's largest video service. In a blog post, Mohan introduces his vision for YouTube throughout 2023 and into the future.

Mohan is no stranger to the company and was YouTube's Chief Product Officer before promoting to CEO. He says one of his major priorities for this year is to debut more avenues for creators to generate income from the platform:

“Hundreds of thousands of channels made money on YouTube for the first time last year. And we're providing more opportunities for creators outside of ads by expanding our subscriptions business, investing in shopping, and continually improving our paid digital goods offerings.”

Mohan says he also plans to make it easier for creators to connect with fans. YouTube will expand current features and add language tracks for Shorts and livestreams. Furthermore, he plans to provide more gifting subscription methods for mobile users.

Podcasts and Reactions

Podcasting is not necessarily what people associate YouTube for, but in reality the platform is huge for podcasting. Most major podcasts have a video version available on YouTube. Mohan says the company plans to bring more features to podcasters, including audio and video podcasting on YouTube Music in the United States.

Lastly, the CEO adds that he also wants to appeal to video creators who post reactions to movies, TV, music:

“This year, we'll roll out a creation tool that lets creators record a Short in a side-by-side layout with both Shorts and YouTube videos so they can easily add their own take on a trend or join in with reactions.”

Lastly, Mohan says that safety remains important and that more features will be coming, especially on YouTube Kids.

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