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Windows 11 Phone Link Gets iPhone and iMessage Support

Windows 11 users can now send and receive messages from Apple’s iMessage app through the Phone Link application.


Windows users can now access Apple's iMessage directly on their PC through 's application. This is the first time Phone Link has been properly available with a connection to iPhones. Microsoft previously previewed the app on iOS when it was known as Your Phone but is now delivering full support.

If you're unfamiliar with Phone Link, you may know it better as Your Phone. That was the name prior to the launch of when Microsoft rebranded the app. Your Phone arrived three years ago as a bridging application that lets users view and use their smartphone on their Windows desktop.

With the latest update, the Phone Link app allows users to sync their smartphone with a Windows 11 device. With iMessage support, users can send/receive messages and calls, and also see phone notifications on Windows.

Missing Features

Windows and iPhones will be connected through , so users can also manage messages directly from their contacts. However, there are some things Phone Link will not do. It is not possible to send media (photos or videos) or to access group messages.

“We send the messages back and forth via Bluetooth, I think in turn sends those as iMessage once it gets onto their system,” explains Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft's head of consumer marketing, in an interview with The Verge.

Another caveat is that you cannot see the complete message history within conversations. In fact, you can only see messages that were sent/received when Phone Link is connected. Microsoft is also not using the blue or green bubbles so an iMessage message will look like a standard text message.

Of course, all of these missing abilities may be brought to the feature in the future.

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