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Microsoft Azure for Operators Comes to More 5G Networks

Microsoft’s Azure for Operators is getting an expansion with new tools for 5G communications service providers.


does not have smartphones and mobile devices to show off at Mobile World Congress 2023. However, as the company returned to MWC in Barcelona for the first time in years, the company is dropping mobile tech announcements. The latest information centers on its Azure for Operators platform, which is now updating and expanding.

According to the company, Azure for Operators is now coming to more 5G communications service providers (CSPs). Francesco Venturini, corporate vice president of media and communications for Microsoft, says the company is making the following changes:

  • Call venters can now access Microsoft's Nuance AI technology, integrating with Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Microsoft acquired Nuance in a near-$20bn deal in 2021.
  • Use Microsoft Teams Phone and HoloLens to bring processes to call centers.
  • Access new Azure for Operators technology such as hybrid cloud carrier grade tech for OEMs such as BT and Nokia.

“The telecommunications industry is at an inflection point where connectivity has become a commodity and business-to-consumer (B2C) revenue has flattened,” Venturini writes.

“The new breed of customer demands enhanced digital experiences while returns on massive capex spending have stagnated. Technology brings an opportunity to fuel transformation and unlock differentiated revenue streams. This transformation will enable telcos to monetize their 5G investments and maximize the value of the edge in innovative ways including cross-industry solutions.”

During MWC, Microsoft held several sessions to discuss how its technology is driving a new era of telecommunications. Those topics covered both Azure for Operators and Azure Space. Earlier this week, GSMA announced Microsoft Azure as one of its cloud partners for the new Open Gateway initiative.

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Luke Jones
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