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Snapchat to Get ChatGPT-Powered “My AI” Chatbot

Snap is the latest company to go big with ChatGPT, debuting its new My AI chatbot that is powered by OpenAI’s technology.


Snapchat has become the latest company to adopt OpenAI's natural processing AI. According to the social media company, it is preparing a new that uses ChatGPT. Known as “My AI,” the chatbot is currently available for Snapchat Plus customers.

ChatGPT is an AI that can return natural language responses to questions, searches, and can even “create” code. The bot has become extremely popular and can even produce creative responses, such as articles and songwriting.

It is worth noting that ChatGPT does not really create anything. Instead it scrapes from a huge dataset of content created by other people and regenerates it as something approximating unique. This – coupled with a learned timeframe up to just 2021 – means the AI can sometimes surface incorrect results.

Even so, the technology has been embraced in the mainstream, as something of a curio for the general public and a window into the future for tech companies. We have already seen how has adopted ChatGPT into Bing Chat through an updated proprietary version of the AI known as Prometheus.

Microsoft's all-in approach to AI is not the only example of a tech company embracing AI. is also going big with its Bard chatbot and other various AI projects.

It also seems Snapchat also sees the value of ChatGPT. The once trendy but now niche social media communication platform is leveraging OpenAI's bot for My AI. While it is currently locked behind the $3.99 per month paywall of Snapchat Plus, the AI will eventually become available to all users in the future.


Speaking to The Verge, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel explains how My AI works.

“The big idea is that in addition to talking to our friends and family every day, we're going to talk to AI every day,” he says. “And this is something we're well positioned to do as a messaging service.”

My AI is basically the mobile version of ChatGPT locked into Snapchat. However, Snap's version has more restrictions. While ChatGPT is already unable to surface responses on some topics, My AI is even stricter. It has been specifically trained to meet Snap's trust and safety guidelines and will avoid responses that include violence, swearing, politic opinions, or sexually explicit content.

It will also not provide the kind of information that has seen ChatGPT banned from schools, such as in New York City. In other words, you can forget about it writing that essay you forgot all about until the last night.

ChatGPT is definitely a major integration for Snap, which has seen mixed success in recent years following its boom growth. It is unclear where the chatbot revolution will go, but adding this AI into Snapchat is a good move. If ChatGPT is just a fad, Snap will ride the crest of the waver. If are here to stay (most likely), Snap is positioning itself as an early adopter.

Either way, the real winner here is OpenAI, which has enjoyed significant growth since launching ChatGPT. That includes Microsoft handing over billions of dollars to strengthen its already ironclad partnership with the AI research and development group.

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