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Google Employees Are Laughing at the Company’s ChatGPT Rival Bard

Google employees are not impressed with the Bard chatbot and are mocking the ChatGPT competitor directly on forums.


A couple of weeks ago, I reported on a CEO Sundar Pichai ordering employees to test its Bard chatbot from 2 to 4 hours each day. The company is trying to catch up with 's ChatGPT and 's new Bing Chat which is powered by the AI. However, it now seems those Google employees are mocking the Bard chatbot.

Googlers rose to Pichai's demand begrudgingly. There is a feeling within the company that Bard is being rushed to compete with Microsoft. Reports suggest Google was caught off guard by how aggressively Microsoft has pursued since the start of the year.

To avoid embarrassment upon full launch, Pichai wants employees to spend a significant portion of their working day testing the bot. It seems Googlers are not happy. According to Business Insider, employees are angered that the company is adding to their workload just weeks after laying off 12,000 people.

They are also using internal forums to mock the bot, showing memes of incorrect responses and a general lack of functionality. One such response came when an employee asked to tell a joke about Google's job layoffs. The bot surfaced the following answer:

“I'd tell you a joke about layoffs at Google, but I'm afraid I wouldn't have a job tomorrow.”

AI Revolution

In less than two months, Microsoft has invested billions into OpenAI, committed to adding AI to all it services, released Azure OpenAI Service, and released running on the company's Prometheus AI that is based on .

So swift was Microsoft's new direction that a “code red” was issued within Google. While Bard was already in development, the company has no plans to announce it. That changed last month. In response to Microsoft, Google announced that Bard is launching in March.

The problem is the bot is not ready. During the announcement demonstration, the chatbot turned up incorrect responses. Sure, ChatGPT and Bing Chat do the same, but it hardly a good look when it happens during the introduction presentation.

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