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Bing for Skype Brings New AI Search Chatbot to Mobile Users

Bing for Skype integrates the new Bing Chat AI into Skype on Android and iOS. Users can talk to the bot during chats to surface information.


Last week I reported on 's plan to bring its new AI-powered search engine to iOS and Android. At the time, the company did not say when the new Bing would arrive for mobile users. Well, the wait was shorter than expected as Microsoft now says Bing Chat is available on mobile. Interestingly, it is known as Bing in Skype and has been integrated with Microsoft's communication service.

Just like on desktop, Bing is powered by AI that is based on OpenAI's popular ChatGPT chatbot. Thanks to integration in , the search engine can deliver real-time answers during chats.

Importantly, it seems this is not a standalone search engine that allows you to search the web on a browser. Instead, Bing in Skype provides direct access to the AI for Skype chats. Even so, it shows that Microsoft's new Bing is ready for mobile use, so I expect a full search version to arrive in the near future.

According to Microsoft, over 36 million people are using Skype each day. Those users can now invite Bing to participate in chat and ask it questions. The -powered AI will then provide answers and you can follow up with additional questions. Just like Bing Chat, the integration is pulling its answers from the web.


Microsoft points to the following features of Bing in Skype:

  • “Bing can help you plan your next trip or weekend getaway, just ask Bing for suggestions on where to go, what to do, and what to see based on your preferences, budget, and location.
  • Bing can also provide you with useful information such as weather forecasts, flights, and hotels.
  • Bing can bring fun and levity to the Skype chat with jokes, poems, stories, games, quizzes, and more. Discuss weather, sports, news, trivia, and more with Bing and your friends or family.
  • You can ask Bing for creative suggestions and recommendations, and it will provide you with a range of options and ideas to help you get started.”

Importantly, you need to have a Microsoft Account and already have access to the Bing Chat preview experience on desktop. If you do, the new version of Skype on mobile will automatically include the Bing add-on when you log in with the same Microsoft Account.

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Luke Jones
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