Earlier this month, Microsoft announced its AI-infused Bing Chat, a new search engine that relies on ChatGPT-like technology from best-buddy partner OpenAI. Since then, new Bing has grabbed headlines and attracted over 1 million users to its test waitlist. However, it has also thrown up strange responses.

Microsoft has announced that a new update is coming to Bing Chat that will significantly improve the AI.

The early goodwill towards Bing Chat and the ChatGPT-like AI it hosts was encouraging. However, since then the AI has had problems with the bot going off the rails. All the while, the inaccuracies of ChatGPT are ongoing.

Microsoft was forced to limit testing of the AI last week as Bing Chat was arguing with users and even lamenting its existence as an artificial intelligence.

Even so, this is far from the failure introduction some have tried to paint it as. It is worth remembering new Bing remains in preview and this is still a young version of the AI. There is a lot of room and time for growth.


CEO of Advertising and Web Services at Microsoft Mikhail Parakhin says that improvements are coming to the service:

  • “Two biggest one I’m excited about are the larger context size, which should reduce errors in summarization and text analyzes (especially in Edge) and the new response tagging system that makes Bing less confused in longer conversations. (Tweet)
  • Well, if it is less confused on longer conversations – it stands to reason, right? But we hope to relax a bit even faster – keep checking 😉 (Tweet)
  • Already available in UK, gradually adding more users. Still planning a major increase in availability next week. (Tweet)
  • It doesn’t have any “self”, wasn’t the intended usage scenario, we didn’t imbue it with a backstory. So it hallucinates wildly and is very easily to lead with any previous context. (Tweet)
  • We know :-(, sports is one area where we are not doing well. Improvements are coming in March, 3-4 weeks. (Tweet)
  • This is a known problem (caused mostly by the context size limit and the prompt issues). This should get much better next week, currently still scheduled for the 23rd. Fingers crossed. (Tweet)”

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