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Apex Legends Mobile Devs Discuss Surprising Community Response


This article was contributed by Harry Stark who is a professional writer and an expert in digital marketing at Archivors Digital agency.

Apex Legends has earned its name as one of the highly prevalent battle-royale games. The best thing about this game is in October 2019. It had garnered an eye-catching 70 million players who hailed from various corners of the world. This free-to-play game has been successful in achieving a superb milestone for Respawn Entertainment that is getting bigger with each passing day. Nonetheless, this massive player base is meant not every player is on a smooth playing field; hence, casual or new gamers get overwhelmed by this game. 

These players hardly get the opportunity to learn every control, and when they do not learn all the controls, the skilled players eliminate them within only some minutes of a round. This kind of learning curve seems discouraging, and at times, players surrender themselves fully. This is the prime reason players learn how to cheat in Apex Legends with aimbot

Apex Legends: The Game Of The Year

Only recently, Apex Legends Mobile became successful in turning into an iPhone Game of the Year, for which it was awarded the 2022 App Store Award. Again, it also became successful in taking the Play award for Best Game, and it has been voted by both the editorial team of the store and the users alike. This works as a testament as it takes its exclusive spin on the well-loved and already-formed environment of Apex Legends. These awards make it obvious that Mobile has its own standing.

While speaking to GamesHub, Myke Hoff, Apex Legends Mobile's product lead, and its Creative Content Director, Kevin Childress, expressed their thankfulness to the community as it supported this game during its launch year only. According to Hoff, they didn't see players who had played this game on PCs and consoles to be trying this game. But everything is history as now this game has been seeing a huge expansion in several places, such as Europe, the Middle East, and South America, where this game does not have lots of familiarities.

Lots of players are taking to this game positively in several other countries, too, such as Korea, Japan, and Asia. According to Childress, the attention from present players of Apex Legends has begun to pick, particularly when the matter zeroes on the actual characters that the Mobile team has formed for this game, and these characters do not exist in the console and PC versions of the game.

Positive Feedback

Childress also added that they had got positive feedback that they had not expected when they released Fade and Rhapsody. Hence, they were bothered about the reaction of the community to Mobile. However, the good thing is everything was highly positive, and people loved the incredible work of these two novice Legends.

Apex Legends has not even become one year old, but in this little time, its team has been thinking about the ways in which it can augment as well as optimize this game. Again, the team is also thinking of expanding its audience, and these optimizations comprise several nuanced features.

According to Hoff, they always look for the experience of the new players. This way, they can see what seems vital in various markets. He also said that they are thinking of making this game hugely accessible to more and more players.

And for this, they have constantly been looking at various aspects and also putting into market hypothesizing. Again they also see the default setting to see whether it is a third-person view or a first-person view. In some markets, the third-person view seems to be hugely important. Hence, for them being able to learn and adapt continuously seemed important. 

One of the large sticking points for a free-to-play title seems to be its monetization method. This seems to be a vital thing for a game in terms of the developers and its active player base. The good thing is it does not want to overwhelm players with lots of options. Hence, they can give this game a shot.

The Crystal Clear Mindset

Hoff has got a crystal clear mindset regarding this philosophy. According to him, he makes great games and then permits players to reward with their money. The monetization philosophy of Hoff is free. Hence, when people would buy stuff, they purchase cosmetics as they would enjoy the game. So, it will be related to altering the method by which players look. 

So, eventually, there is nothing that a player cannot unlock for free. Hence, the philosophy is making truly great games. And then also making cool content that every player would want to buy but they must not be compelled to buy. 

If you wish to play Apex Legends Mobile, then you will find this to be available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

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