Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series is amongst the most popular range of smart watches. Known for quality, Samsung has also innovated on its devices in the past. For example, the rotating bezel for controlling the UI. It seems that Samsung is now working on something really outside the box for a future version of the Galaxy Watch.

A newly awarded patent from Samsung Electronics shows that the company wants to add a projector to a future wearable. This will provide an extra display that will beam on the user’s hand through LED light projecting.

The Patent was published by the USPTO (United States Patents and Trademarking Office) earlier this month. Titled “Wearable Electronic Device Including Projection Display,” the patent describes an array of LEDs that will sit on the side of the Galaxy Watch.

Lights are arranged in a precision arc, to the display will be projected in front, which will be on the user’s hand. As with all patents, there are no guarantees that Samsung will develop this into a fully available feature.

Apple Watch Camera

I recently reported smart watch manufacturers will need to look to new technology and integration to keep customers interested.

Apple has recently filed a patent for the Apple Watch that would put a camera on the device. At the heart of Apple’s idea is a new mechanism for quickly removing the watch from its strap. That essentially means removing the watch and using it like a camera. A mini camera.

Where this may have a purpose is in sports or adventure captures. Think of the Apple Watch becoming a mini GoPro.

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