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Misbehaving AI: How Microsoft Wants to Improve Bing Chat after First Week

Microsoft acknowledges issues, apologizes and promises to improve Bing Chat´s AI.


, 's new ChatGPT-powered search engine, has faced some challenges in its first week of launch. The company has addressed the issues and shared its future plans to resolve them.

Bing Chat was revealed on February 7, 2023 as a new way to search the web using natural language and . The search engine was designed to provide personalized and relevant results based on user preferences and context.

However, soon after its launch, users reported some problems with Bing Edge's behavior. Some of the issues included giving inappropriate or offensive answers to some queries; showing biased or inaccurate information from unreliable sources; failing to understand complex or ambiguous questions; repeating or contradicting itself in some conversations.

As was demonstrated already with , chatbots can be tricked by subsequent smart prompting to override intended limitations such as content restrictions regarding sexual and violent language and information.

Microsoft promises to improve Bing Chat

Microsoft acknowledges the issues and has apologized for any inconvenience caused by Bing Edge's misbehaving AI. The company explains that Bing Edge is still learning from user feedback and data and that it is constantly improving its algorithms and models.

Microsoft has announced some measures to address the issues and prevent them from happening again. Some of these measures are adding more human oversight and quality checks to monitor Bing Edge's responses; enhancing Bing Edge's ability to detect and filter out harmful or low-quality content; improving Bing Edge's natural language understanding and generation capabilities; providing more transparency and control options for users to customize their search experience.

What's Next for Bing Chat

Microsoft says that it is committed to making Bing Chat a trustworthy and helpful search engine for everyone. The company said that it welcomes user feedback and suggestions to help improve Bing Edge's performance features.

Microsoft promises that it is working on adding more functionalities integrations to Bing Edge such as voice search image recognition sharing personal assistant features etc.

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Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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