If you are a Windows Insider with Windows 11 build 25300 on the Dev Channel, one of the experimental features is the ability to end a process without accessing the Task Manager. This is part of a selection of experimental preview features that Microsoft will bring to wider users in the future.

While Windows 11 allows interactions such as the ability to open or close a window, you cannot currently end the whole process without pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete to evoke the Task Manager. So, when you close a window, it will remain running as a process in the background.

Of course, there are also instances where an app has frozen and is not responding. Closing via the Task Manager is easy enough but also not efficient. Not least because sometimes an unresponsive app will make the system slow down and the Task Manager not open.

Microsoft is now adding an “End Task” option to Windows 11 jump lists, allowing users to end the process of the whole app directly on the desktop.

Not Available

This feature is available on Windows 11 build 25300 but is experimental. That means it is disabled by default on the build. Insiders must use third-party tools to reveal the feature and start using it. Microsoft also says the feature does not currently work, so hitting “End Task” doesn’t do anything.

Clearly, this is a placeholder for when Microsoft builds in the underpinning software on future Windows 11 previews. As always with unannounced and experimental features, running them may make your system unstable, so it is important to back up your data beforehand.

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