Google CEO Sundar Pichai
Sundar Pichai

Google Bard is a natural language processing chatbot that rivals OpenAI’s ChatGPT. However, while ChatGPT is grabbing the headlines and finding itself integrated into Microsoft products, Bard is not as mature. To help build the quality of its AI, Google CEO Sundar Pichai wants his employees to start testing the bot for hours per day.

Since the start of the year, Microsoft has gone full steam ahead with mainstreaming AI. The company has invested billions into OpenAI to make the ChatGPT chatbot prominent in its services.

We already see the results in the new Bing Chat. Microsoft’s push meant a literal code red was issued in the halls of Google HQ, forcing the company to rush and announce Bard, its chatbot rival to ChatGPT.

Google was completely caught off guard by the speed of Microsoft’s AI backing, forcing the company to accelerate its own solutions. Google quickly announced it would launch the API for Bard in March. Although, shortly after the announcement the AI gave a wrong answer on a Twitter ad that sent Google’s stock price tumbling.


It now seems Pichai wants to avoid similar embarrassment when the chatbot becomes widely available. So, in a company-wide email, he is asking all employees to take between two and four hours each day to test the chatbot. According to Business Insider, Pichai says thousands of employees are already testing and he wants more to “contribute in a deeper way.”

How employees will react to this demand remains to be seen. Workers within Google have already been critical of Pichai for rushing the announcement of Bard, with many feeling the AI was not ready. Of course, Google has recently cut thousands of people from its workforce, so the atmosphere is already tense within the company.

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